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Keeping Score in Youth Sports

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To answer the writer’s question, if there were no parents or coaches and kids were just playing a game by themselves, score would for sure still be an issue. Kids are competitive, they want to win. Taking the adults out doesn’t change that. But, what it does change is the dynamic of the expectations set on those children. I’ve witnessed so many kids that can’t perform to the expectation their parents have set for them. One day those parents can’t make the game, and guess what, that kid has his best game! The issue doesn’t lie with the children, it lies with the parents and their behavior at youth sporting events. And keeping score or not keeping score, many parents just can’t control themselves.
What are your thoughts? How do you feel about keeping score? Do you think there should be an age when it begins?

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When was the last time you and your friends grabbed a basketball and played “just for fun” on the neighborhood courts? Or going to the park to kick around the soccer ball with your family and friends? Nowadays, many people who play sports are not just doing so for the fun of the game, rather when we do play sports, we are always keeping score. The competitive nature of North American sports may be putting extra stress on these young athletes and taking away the fun associated with playing sports.  However, there are advantages to keeping score and embracing that competitive nature.

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