Sports Love & family

Learning Life's Lessons through Sports


We are the Deutsch’s! Erica, Todd, and our 3 kids. There’s one major thing that bonds this family together. We absolutely love sports! Our family was built upon the foundation of sports. Todd and I played sports all our lives. We met while coaching sports (volleyball/baseball/football) at the high school we attended years before. Each of our babies attended a sporting event at one week old. It’s in our blood, it’s who we are.

So, there in lies the premise for this blog. We’re a sports family, running from one event to another all year around. In the over seven years that we’ve been attending our children’s sports we’ve learned a few things. And so, we figured we’d start to share what we’ve learned and are learning through this journey. Todd has extensive experience in this arena (ha, puns-a-plenty). He coached high school sports for over 17 years, has been a teacher for over 19 years and has been coaching youth sports many, many years. He is a great resource and has always been my sounding board, so we thought we’d do this together! Each blog post will hopefully, somehow connect “learning life lessons through sports.”

We’d love to hear from you and how sports have or are impacting your life. Feel free to comment on our posts!


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