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Sample Baseball Practice Plan

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Below is a practice plan that Todd uses for his baseball teams. This is just a sample to get you started to make sure you’re using your time and players wisely. Remember, long lines of kids standing around, accomplishes nothing. In this plan utilizing stations you can get a lot done in 2 hours. Have fun and let us know how you use this plan or others like it!

Practice Plan

Date: _____Time: ______

2-3 Minutes: Pre-Start Meeting – Today’s Points to Emphasize:

25 Minutes:  Dynamic Warm-Ups, Throwing Progression, Warm-Up Activity (ex. Baserunning)

Warm-Up Activity Described:

Drill/Activity 20 Minutes Total:

Drill/Activity #1:

Drill/Activity #2:

Drill/Activity #3:


Drill Layout Diagram







Defensive Stations

15 Minutes (Rotate Players with Multiple Positions):

Position Specific Group #1:

Position Specific Group #2:

Position Specific Group #3:


Drill Layout Diagram








Hitting Stations

30 Minutes (10 min. stations) (3 Groups):

Hitting Station #1:

Hitting Station #2:

Hitting Station #3:

Whole Team Activity

20 Minutes

Review: 2-3 Minutes

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