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Stuff We Love

Anything sports-related that we love or can’t live without. Either I love it as a Mom, or Todd loves it as a Dad/Coach or the Kids/Players love it! Click on the images for more information.

Mom Stuff

Bleacher Chair – I get so many compliments and questions about this. I love the fact that once you open it there is arm rests.

Baseball|Soccer Chair – Everyone needs a good chair. Mine has done me well for years. This chair is sturdy and comfortable.

Large Umbrella – A must have for fall|spring sports. I love that we can fit multiple people under it.

Two Seater Tent – For when the weather is less than desirable or to stay out of the sun on hot days!

Yeti Drink Tumbler – It’s taken years to find something that keeps drinks cool in the 90 degree summer weather. A must have for long baseball games.

The Truth T-Shirt – When I saw this shirt, I knew immediately it was made for me (and any other mom that has softball and baseball players!)

Glove Break-In Kit – A must have for that new glove! It also helps with maintaining your investment once it’s broken in.

Tennis Ball Bucket – Todd uses these for tons of drills.

Reaction Balls – Todd loves using these with his teams for any sport.

Quick Action Cam – We just got this and love to film the kids! We also use it to analyze sports mechanics.

Kid Stuff

Field Hockey Bag – The essential for any field hockey player.

Pitching Trainer – Learning to pitch is no easy feat. We bought this to help with finger placement.

Field Hockey Stick – We love equipment in our family! Todd researches the best stuff available for our kids, so you can rest assured if Todd purchased it, it’s affordable and has good reviews!

Baseball Ipod Case – Must protect our devices in style!

Basketball Ipod Case – Must protect our devices in style!

Sunflower Seeds – A must for the dugout. Coaches hate ’em, but players love ’em! We always stock up for the season!

Bubble Gum – A must for the dugout. Alternating between seeds and gum is fun!

Basketball|Soccer Bag – This is one of the best bags we’ve had. We have a child that uses it for basketball and one that uses it for soccer. Fits all the essentials.

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